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Almost done here

Posting might be sporadic the next couple of days, barring a few pictures when I can swing it; classes, meetings, and student conferences tomorrow, then class on Friday, and then the GRE Lit test on Saturday, with the afternoon devoted to the rest of my last class.

By Saturday night, I’ll have mostly completed my degree (final project due next week).

Still taking the Lit test because, though I didn’t get in to DU, well, things always happen when you least expect them. I already registered and paid, so I might as well, and plus I really think there’s something to this story theory I’ve got.

In the next few weeks I’ll be packing up again, moving again, closing one book to start the next. Good two years, but bloody hell, nice to be on the other end. Just this side of thirty, and looking around and saying, “Well, all right.” Part of me thinks it’s been pretty awesome so far, and the future just winked and chuckled and said, “Boy, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

To which I say, “Well, yes, in fact, I have,” and then smile. “Bring it.”


  1. It’s funny, Chad just turned thirty last week. (I’ve been teasing him, because I’m only twenty-seven.) So anyway, he’s officially crossed over, now I’ma start calling him “my old man”…

    Our Stag & Doe is this weekend! And I’m so pumped Will, so pumped to enter this next phase, myself. We have such big dreams and it’s amazing to see them come into fruition.

    Bring it!

    I think that sums up exactly how I feel right now.



  2. Considering that some days you blog three times a think we can last a while without knowing what’s in the world of Will. Can I read your old blogs and cooment on the ones i haven’t commented on yet?

    You could look into taking the class without credit. hang on a secound I have a idea. *searches for small book of wisdom* I could not find my book of wisdom, but it’s called Been There Should’ve Done That II. You can buy it used on Amazon for a penny so it would only cost you shipping and handeling. It has quotes and tips from students and teachers who have been there and done that.

    Any way, one guy in the book was talking about how a class he wanted was filled up so he would wait out side that class every day and ask if room had been made. Eventually the teacher admitted him even though the class was full because of the determination he saw in the student to learn. You could always try to take the class without credit though if the teacher would allow it.

  3. @Lisa: is “Stag & Doe” sort of the canuck equivalent of bachelor/bachelorette parties or something? I’ve never heard the term. But yeah, it is a pretty rad feeling, isn’t it?

    @Gotham: “without knowing what’s in the world of Will”– but this is Will in the World, isn’t it? Did I cross-post to the wrong blog again? And if by “old blogs” you mean my old MyBlogs, no, they’re gone to the ether; if you mean the archives here, well, whatever you want, I suppose.

  4. I’d wish you good luck, but then, I doubt it’s necessary. 🙂

  5. Your myblogs, your mycomments, and your mye-mails. You had some cool comments that I can now never ever see because you had to go all delety on me. Removing your pictures and blogs wasn’t good enough. Noooooooooooooooooooo. You had to remove evidence of their ever being a mywill.

    Yeah, I meant your blogs here. Oh, and in case you can’t tell I am saying all the above jokenly. I think you call it “tongue in cheek”? At any rate I’m wear a shirt with fuzzy gnomes. I think that’s proof enough.

  6. A Stag & Doe or Buck & Doe, is basically a giant fundraiser for the couple before their wedding. We will play silly games, prizes are donated, there will be a bar, a midnight buffet, DJ etc. We are having a hawaiian theme, so everybody is guaranteed to get *laid*. It’s kind of a warm up to the big event.

    We will still have seperate bachelor & bachelorette evenings prior to the wedding.

    Yay! Two more sleeps.

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