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A little overwhelmed here

You ever get to that point where you look around and you realize just how much you want to get done, but the sheer enormity of the task, not to mention the go-jillion aspects of it, make it difficult to decide where or how to even start, much less make any progress?

Because, seriously. Little overwhelmed.

One thing at a time, I’ll figure this out, though.

Could be worse, of course. I could be underwhelmed. Which is always sad.


  1. Yup…been there.

    If you ever need a hand, and it’s something I can do, lemme know.


  2. @PQ: You’re sweet. Thanks, but I think I got this.

  3. Everyday of my life. Not fun. Only thing I can suggest is get it handled quickly so your not in the boat I’m in. It’s sinking but I managed to plug up the wholes and the violinist feel so hopeful they stopped playing (Titanic joke. Get it?). Have a nice day. 🙂

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