1. Teaching writing is a difficult thing. I remember working in Regis’ Writing Center as an undergrad and just being amazed by the entire process. For some students, I was basically just a reader–another set of ears/eyes indicating what worked and what didn’t. For other students, though, I was their lifeline to a new culture–to fitting in and being able to communicate clearly. Their writing was full of errors, but I’ve got to say, I admired those clients most–and learned the most from them. I think it was because they had ideas and things to say, but had no tools to do that. It made me appreciate my own voice and strive to find it even more.

    I’m a little sad that I’m going to be teaching math and science next year. I suppose I’ll be teaching them another way of communicating, though. Still, I think I might volunteer to advise the yearbook or newspaper staff just to keep myself inspired.


    Oh dear god. Enough about Shakespere in Love. You only like it because there’s a guy named Will in it. You like the east? Watch memoirs of Geisha or read the book.

    If you have the time you could plant a time capsal and put a copy of your book or a writen confession in it. Just think of how your will pleasantly surprise or scar for life future students, depending on what you put in the capsule of course.

  3. @Alma: I worked in a writing center, too, when I was an undegrad. Good stuff.

    @Gotham: There are myriad reasons I love “Shakespeare,” and myriad besides I dislike Golden. Not sure about the time capsule, though–doesn’t this blog sort of accomplish much the same thing?


    This blog dosn’t accomplish the same thing because people can read it every day. Think of this way. Imagine you have picture of your great grandfather. You see it every day and it’s special to you but not as special had you dug it up from the ground with a leter explaining what’s in the photograph. No matter what it is, it instanlty becomes tresure when you bury it. Oil is poisonus million year old plant matter. It’s worth soething because it was buried. Mummies are really just a means of turning people into beef jerkey but because they were buried people want to find them and dig them up. even dogs have the instic to bury things to make them valuable. and where is your girl freinds vibrator? BURIED under her cloathes. Bury something so that when it’s dug up it will be valued as treasure. Burying liturature is the best kind of treasure to find.

    I just finsihed testing. I better stop now. I should lay down actually.

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