A Creative Folio

Or: You will know me by my work.

This is my author page at Amazon.com, where you’ll find two short stories, a collection, and a novel. Lots more to come.

To launch Meets Girl, I produced two teasers. This is the first:

This is the second:

Note that I did creative work–including copy and editing–for both. I didn’t shoot the video in the second one, and the music is by the band Sum of You, but everything else is mine.

I’ve also done design work on these books. For example, I designed the covers for both. Both feature one-piece wrap-around covers that include spinal information.

This is the cover for Entrekin, my collection:

And this is the cover for Meets Girl:

Which is obviously less simple than the one for my collection. One learns a lot in three years. It’s worth noting that I did the Photoshop work myself, took several of the pictures (the others were taken from Creative Commons-licensed images on Flickr), and wrote the copy for each one.

I also designed the covers for all my Kindle books, which you can see by visiting the Amazon storefront linked to up above, and I wrote about cover design here, at Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer.

I write on the internet a lot. I’m a contributor to The Nervous Breakdown; this is my author page there. A couple essays I’m particularly proud of include “Kersh and “The Woman on he Floor.”

Finally, while earning my MBA in strategic marketing, I’ve done a lot of work with regard to business, all of which culminated with my capstone course, which I both wrote about and posted here. The final paper, for which I created a mock-up of a Forbes magazine profile (complete with cover and advertising content) is embedded in that post.

I created several pitches based around brands both popular and completely imaginary. For example, part of the coursework for that capstone was creating a new brand for a made-up company; I created both a new brand and built a campaign around publicizing that brand, as well as creating a new identity for the company.

That campaign, complete with mock ads and examples of copy, is here.

This is a spec campaign for Victoria’s Secret, which includes this ad (among others):

This one is for Express, and includes this ad:

Note that neither Victoria’s Secret nor Express endorse (or are even aware of) these examples.

Finally, when I published my collection in 2007, I did so as Exciting Books, a publishing brand I’ve been building over the years, founded on good stories written well, and focusing on digital literary experiences based on Amazon’s Kindle platform, which works across various devices, including phones, tablets, and computers.

To that end, I continue to develop the brand. It is still very much a work in progress, and perhaps a more difficult one, as it is far more personal in nature than the other work mentioned above (besides, of course, the books themselves).

I’ll continue to add to this folio as I continue to explore new, more creative work.