Seeing on how well the “no child left behind” program went I think having the clintons anywhere near education is a bad idea.

    Colin Powell would be a good choice to put some where on that list. McCain singing “bomb, bomb, Iran” dosen’t make him unqualified for positions of military statis. Most everyone, political or not, has a dark sence of humor. McCain just didn’t stop to think before he used his publically. Not that talking without thinking disqualifies you of anything either as our new Vice president elect has proven and I do mean that seriously.

  2. @Gotham: given that NCLB was signed into effect in January 2002, I have difficulty blaming it on the Clintons.

    Powell would certainly be a good choice, definitely. And you’re right about McCain. I’d really like to see him somewhere.


    There desperately needs to be a good Scottish play adaptation! I don’t see Angelina Jolie having any chemistry with with your other picks though (as awesome as she is).

    I like your cabinet picks, but I don’t think either Gore nor Hillary would accept a cabinet position. I think Hillary would want to stay in the Senate and I think Gore is happy doing his own thing right now.

    I also think Warren Buffet might be the better choice, but I’m pretty ignorant on the matter. All I know is he certainly has a lot of books for sale.


    Ok, I think i could see her as one of the witches (imagine the media attention the film would get if they messed with her beautiful face? It would be reminiscent of Kidman in “The Hours”).

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