I’ve told you that I’m a twilight fan and that I like Stephanie Myer. Well, after she finished the 4th book, concluding the series, she was decided to re-write the first book from another character’s perspective. At first I though it was dumb, but then I remembered that this character confused the hell out of me sometimes and knowing what was in his head would be a good thing.

    Some one leaked the in complete draft and everyone was talking about reading it. Some fans speculated Ms.Myer leaked it her self to bring back hype ti the twilight saga after some fans dis-liked the last book. I doubted this. Well, now she’s announced that she won’t finish it because of the mood this has put her in and she posted the draft she never wanted fans to see on her website so they wouldn’t feel obligated to not read it.

    As a aspiring writer I get it. If I’m not in the right mood every thing goes to hell for my characters. As a fan I’m upset. I never read the illegal draft and now that it’s on her web page I feel worse about the idea of reading it.

    At least Axl knows whose directly responsible and can sue them. At least those 9 songs will still come out completed and on a shiny CD. At least you can hold the work in your hands and enjoy how tangible it is.

    I hate the internet today.

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